Meet the Paso Wine Man

Apparently the McLaren Vale region was just a little bit snitty about all publicity the Barossa has recently received since the launch of the recent moody TV ad "Be Consumed" with the Nick Cave soundtrack.

Perhaps McV could adopt the philosophy "talent is borrowed, genius is stolen" (see here) and follow in the footsteps of the Paso Robles wine region in California and create the Vale Male.  

This is the Paso Wine Man, actor and local resident Casey Riggs, who features in a series of clever (and informative) videos about the Paso region and its wine varieties.  Remember the award-wining Old Spice ad? It's got that kind of flavour. Click on Casey's picture to view one of the videos:

I thank my uncle David Lloyd, owner and wine-maker of Eldridge Estate of Red Hill (Mornington Peninsula) for introducing me to the Paso Wine Man. As a Pinot Noir obssessive, David, I suspect, found the Paso Wine Man because of this Pinot vid. He agrees Paso Man rocks and admires the region's marketing too. I like the catch line "grow wild".

Never heard of the Paso wine region? Sandwiched between the desert and the Pacific coast, it's located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It has 26,000 acres of vines and produces 40 different wine varieties. 

You can read more about Paso here and see all the videos here

 (Okay - here's a bit of synchronicity, while I'm writing this the Barossa ad actually just came on during SkyNews this morning! That is just too weird). Watch it here.